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Custom Bags


Wrap It Up To Go and Fischer Paper Products excel at customizing your bags to fit your specific needs.

We can improve YOUR Packaging by:

Customizing the size: We can manufacture bags of specific sizes ranging from 2″ to 21″ wide, and from 3-1/4″ to 30″ long.
Using a specialty grade of paper: Bleached and natural kraft paper are available in various basis weights from 20# to 60#, with or without grease resistance.  We can also provide bleached and opaque glassine, foil-laminated kraft, wet-strength and water-resistant grades, and other paper substrates.
Providing a Window Panel: Ideal for viewing the product inside, such as in our stock BB-KP series of bread bags.
Running a lined or “duplex” bag: Such as our stock doggie bags (series 90) and ice cream carryout bags (the IC series).
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Up to 4 spot colors Water-based inks only Matching of all PMS Uncoated colors available Refer to our Graphic Art Guidelines for specifics
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Available in basis weights from 18# to 50# Kraft papers, bleached and natural Glassine, bleached and opaque Vegetable parchment Foil-laminated kraft Poly-laminated kraft or parchment
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Double opening bag design Perforated paper or poly panels Duplex, or double-layer, bag structure Window panel in the gusset and/or the face of the bag

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Grease resistance (GR) Oil & grease resistance (OGR) Water, oil & grease resistance (WOGR) Wet strength Perforated

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Marked at specific increments Turned at specific increments Bundled and shrink wrapped Bundled and banded with latex-free rubber bands Wicketed

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25,000 bag minimum order quantity for non-panel bags

50,000 minimum order quantity for window panel bags

Standard price break quantities: 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 bags

All of our bags are packed in corrugated cartons

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Our customer service staff includes a pre-press graphic designer to help you develop your company logo or other design concept into vectored artwork, suitable for flexographic printing. If you have questions or would like information about developing your own custom print bag, please contact us. We look forward to working with you, to making suggestions, to helping develop your ideas, and to exploring the possibilities that product customization offers. We are here to construct a product that conforms to, or exceeds, your expectations.

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Acceptable Media Files

  • CD-ROM
  • Illustrator (*.eps or *.ai) files
  • Acrobat (*.pdf)
  • Stuffed (.sit) or (.zip) files (under 7MB) can be e-mailed to us

Compatible Programs

  • Illustrator (CS6.0 or earlier)
  • Photoshop (CS6.0 or earlier)

Required File Elements

  • Workable Illustrator vector files
  • Files for all fonts used
  • All linked art files (.eps, .tif, .jpg, etc.)
  • Any specific dimensions or layout of graphics (positioning, bleeds, bag size, etc.)

Bar Codes

  • For optimal percentage of scanning, the smallest UPC size should be 100% and set up to be in the machine direction.
  • Colors that contain red in the formulas can have a very low scanning rate.  Contact Fischer Paper Products to discuss the material and colors to attain the highest scanning rate.

Screen Specifications

  • Line Screen = 65 lpi Maximum
  • Line Angle = 38 degrees
  • Screen Gains / Cutback = 15%
  • All screens, including single color Gradient Screens = Min 5%, Max 80%
  • 65 line screens can leave a rough edge.    Adding a ¼ pt. key line stroke to the outside of the screen will eliminate the rough edges.


  • Fischer Paper Products’ trap specification is 1/32” minimum, per color.  This requires a minimum line thickness of the dominant color of 1/16”.
  • Due to registration tolerances, process work is not recommended.


  • If you wish to provide negatives from which plates can be produced, they should be, “RIGHT READING, EMULSION UP, .007 MATTE FILM.”

Please Note

  • Printing is done on a flexographic press, using rubber or polymer plates. In most cases, artwork plates will need to be distorted to attain the correct print size.
  • We recommend that you NOT send files with transparency.
  • Remove all unused elements, masks, and stray points from the file.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Always include a sample for reference, or a PDF of artwork.
  • (.jpg), (.tif), and (.gif) files are not vector formats and will need to be redrawn, unless they are to be printed as one color screens of the image.
  • Please include all fonts used in a separate folder.
  • Try to avoid any fonts smaller than 6 pt. positive print, 8 pt. for copy reversed (preferably bold styling).
  • Artwork may contain a maximum of 4 colors (PANTONE UNCOATED).
  • All line strokes outlining another color should be a minimum 2pt stroke.
  • We will have to trap all adjacent colors in artwork. This result can sometimes produce additional colors or effects that may or may not be desired. (i.e., Yellow + Blue = Green)


We'd love to work with you.


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