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Foil Lined Bags

Foil Lined Bags and More To Go Paper Bags

Griller’s absolutely love these! Be sure you have the proper packaging supplies to not only hold your BBQ Ribs or BBQ Chicken, but also showcase it to potential patrons. It is easy to find the right BBQ Foil Lined bag. The variety of Foil Lined bags are made from biodegradable and post-consumer paper with Foil on the inside, adding an eco-friendly touch.

Deep, flat bottom for optimal space

Wrap It Up To Go is your online source for a variety of to go bags for sandwiches, candies, cookies, and more. Our Foil Lined Bags are perfect for Italian restaurants, Greek Restaurants, Bakeries, food trucks, and kiosks. You can find the perfect food bags for your business. With affordable prices, you can buy in bulk to save even more on overhead costs.

Get the best Foil Lined Bags in the industry at Wrap It Up To Go

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